VC Bird International Airport Introduces Wide-Ranging Protocols Ahead of the Opening of Antigua and Barbuda’s Borders

Press Release from the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority (ABAA)

COOLIDGE, Antigua and Barbuda – 31 May 2020: Health protocols that cover the diverse range of operations at the VC Bird International Airport will be in full effect to coincide with the opening of Antigua and Barbuda’s borders as of Monday 1st June 2020. 

The guidelines were subject to the scrutiny of major stakeholders and shared with employees and operators across the VC Bird International Airport through a series of virtual meetings. 

The first scheduled commercial flight into the VC Bird International will arrive on the evening of Thursday 4th June. 

The Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority will be restricting traffic through the terminal to travellers and airport staff. 

They will all be subject to the agreed protocols, which include but are certainly not limited to the following: 

  • All passengers will be required to wear masks during the arrival and departure process. 
  • Arriving passengers will be asked to complete a health declaration form following which Port Health authorities will administer health and screening checks. 
  • All airport staff who have to interface with the travelling public must wear PPEs as per the standard health protocols. 
  • A rigorous regime of cleaning and sanitization has been operationalized for all points of contact to include restrooms, check-in counters, doors, security area, baggage claim etc. 
  • A limited number of doors will be used for exit from and entry into the terminal and these will be manned by airport personnel to ensure adherence to protocols. 
  • Only travellers and employees will be allowed entry into the terminal. For the time being, please say your farewells at home. Mask wearing policy will be strictly enforced. 
  • Travellers are being encouraged to make use of online check-in. 
  • Sneeze guards have been installed at varying points of contact with travellers. 
  • Airlines have adopted their own set of protocols and travellers are being encouraged to adhere to their procedures. 

CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority, Euletta Francis has expressed appreciation to employees and stakeholders for their willing support and necessary involvement in the entire process. 

“With the re-opening of the Antigua and Barbuda economy, international travel is crucial. But the safety of our valuable employees and members of the travelling public is foremost. The measures we have put in place are intended to keep everyone safe as they transit our facilities,” Francis stated.