The Commonwealth Small States Bulletin For October/November 2020

Thirty-two of the world’s 42 small states are Commonwealth members; as such, the Commonwealth has been championing matters affecting small and vulnerable states since the 1980s through campaigns internationally for special attention to the unique development challenges they face.

Small states are particularly vulnerable because of their:

  • geographic positioning
  • strong dependence on trade
  • limited access to development finance
  • disproportionate impact of natural disasters and climate change

The Commonwealth Small States Bulletin is a bi-monthly publication which provides regular updates on the work of Commonwealth Secretariat regarding:

  • advancing international policies and rules to be more responsive to small states’ needs.
  • assisting Commonwealth small states to access financing, build resilience, and have a voice on the global stage.
  • delivering action through economic research and analysis, and facilitating ideas into action in toolkits for small states.  

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