Easing of Curfew Restrictions: Updated Regulations and Guidelines

23 April 2020

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda advises that the curfew window, which had been from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM daily, will now commence at 6:00 AM and continue until 6:00 PM daily for essential services. Furthermore, the period for its continuation will be until Friday, 15 May 2020 or for the next 23 days.

During the 23-day period, the Government further advises that construction projects are permitted to re-commence and are classified among the “essential”. Howeverall social distancing rules and the wearing of masks must be observed. Additionally, Restaurants may open for delivery, drive-thru and curbside deliveries only; however, no dine-in patrons are allowed. Staff and customers who collect food must observe the social distancing rules (as far as possible) and all hygiene practices already established are to be obeyed.

Retail businesses will remain on lockdown for one more week. Bars and nightclubs are to remain closed, as are barbershops, spas, and beauty salons since the threat of the spread of COVID-19 still remains. Also, the Government advises that churches are to continue their virtual services/meetings in order to limit the community spread of the virus.

An opening date for schools will be forthcoming; that will be done in concert with the Ministries of Health and Education upon the decision of the Cabinet.

See below for the updated Regulations and Guidelines as published 22 April 2020.