Antigua & Barbuda 2019 Budget Statement

Antigua & Barbuda 2019 Budget, “Building a More Resilient Economy”

Presenting the 2019 National Budget, Prime Minister Gaston Browne noted the significant economic growth that Antigua and Barbuda have seen annually.

“In the period, 2014 to 2018, the average growth of our nation’s economy was a remarkable 4.5 per cent annually. This country was recovered from the disaster of five previous years of decline, retrogression, and regression and placed on a firm, solid and steady climb to progress,” Prime Minister Browne explained.

The 2019 budget highlighted how special management and financial acumen continues to nurture economic growth within the country.

Further highlighting this objective, Prime Minister Browne said, “Economic growth brings many benefits, but its seeds must be planted, and its trees nurtured to produce the beneficial fruits a nation needs. This task requires special management and financial acumen; and these are among the key competencies that our government has employed to the benefit of our people.”