Antigua and Barbuda Opens Economic Office in Dubai as Prime Minister Brown Visits the UAE to Strengthen Economic Ties

Video of Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s Visit to Dubai, UAE and the opening of the Antigua and Barbuda Economic Office

Elizabeth Makhoul, Marketing Manager, Arton Capital

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, the Honourable Gaston Browne was in Dubai earlier this week to support a series of initiatives aimed at strengthening economic ties with the United Arab Emirates. 

During the visit, Prime Minister Browne unveiled Antigua and Barbuda’s first-ever Economic Office in the UAE.  “The UAE is the melting pot of the region and it is important for us to have a solid presence in representing our economic and cultural interests,” shared Prime Minister Browne. 

Located in the central Burj Khalifa District, the Economic Office will act as a liaison between the two countries and streamline the sustainable development of future projects and economic activities. 

With a growing surge of investment opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda, whether in real estate or the booming tourism industry, many investors within the Middle East are inclined to discover ways to diversify their investment portfolio.  

Antigua and Barbuda also offers a leading Citizenship-by-Investment Program, which allows individual investors and their families to choose amongst several attractive investment options to qualify for the nation’s passport—amongst the strongest in the Caribbean. 

In addition to meeting with individuals who have invested in the program, Prime Minister Browne also held meetings with several institutional investors tasked with the upcoming projects on the island, including the Callaloo Cay project with the Commercial Bank International (CBI) and Antigua’s first business hotel, Marriott Courtyard, set to start construction in April 2020. 

“Antigua is striving to become the economic powerhouse of the Caribbean, and continues to reinforce their influence on the world stage by leveraging relations abroad,” stated Armand Arton, Antigua and Barbuda’s Economic Envoy to the UAE, and President of Arton Capital. 

According to Browne, “Arton has been instrumental in helping us develop our relations with the UAE.” Additional opportunities emerging from Dubai also include a potential project with the Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) and the Kerzner Group, to bring the One & Only brand to the shores of Antigua and Barbuda.  

While in Dubai, PM Browne also visited the Expo 2020 site to see the progress of Antigua’s Pavillion in the Mobility District. Antigua’s pavilion placement in the Mobility district is a testament to the country’s commitment to welcoming and empowering global citizens and investors alike. 

Dubbed ‘The World’s Greatest Show’, the Expo 2020 in Dubai will open its doors on October 20, 2020, to host over 190 participating countries for 6 months, to celebrate culture, collaboration, and innovation.