IMPORTANT: Online Registration Requirement for Passengers Flying to Antigua and Barbuda

The resumption of commercial flights into Antigua and Barbuda commenced on 4 June 2020. As such, the Ministry of Health and the Environment is aware that many visitors, nationals and residents will be coming into the country from that time. We are also aware that many persons will be returning from countries where there is a continued transmission of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Therefore, the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment made preparations and instituted measures to reduce the risk of the re-introduction of COVID-19 to Antigua and Barbuda. One such measure involves monitoring persons for the signs of COVID-19 while they are in Antigua and Barbuda.

Persons planning to travel to Antigua and Barbuda are asked to register with the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment via the online form or by calling +1(268) 462-2675.